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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: renters insurance

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Getting the best price on insurance is crucial to maintaining the balance between budget and coverage. To get the most coverage at a reasonable price, consider these simple ABC's (and D) of insurance discounts. These simple steps can be used for any insurance policy to save more than 20 percent off your annual premium. READ MORE >>

For many college students, the end of a semester means the end of a lease contract. If your student is switching apartments, or starting college in the spring, ensuring he or she has adequate renter’s coverage is just as important as attending class. READ MORE >>

You may not realize how valuable renter’s insurance is, until you find everything you own destroyed. Many landlords require tenants to carry rental insurance to protect themselves. While this may seem like an added unnecessary expense, or a superfluous insurance policy, you may be surprised at exactly what your renter’s insurance policy covers. READ MORE >>

Renter’s insurance is often a confusing sector of insurance and often disregarded. Many renters are young adults who tend to overlook the very real threat of fire, burglary, or disaster. However, for those who rent any size of property, renter’s insurance can protect not you, but your belongings and your loved ones as well. READ MORE >>

Approximately 1/3 of Americans are currently renting the homes they live in. Renting is appealing to students, young adults or those who don’t intend to stay in one place for very long. Some people prefer to rent if they can’t afford the down payment for a home or they may not qualify for a home mortgage. READ MORE >>

In terms of location, you probably have your own reasons for choosing to find apartments for rent in a specific city or town in Kentucky. Factors like location are something that’s easy to research, but if it’s the apartment itself in question then you should definitely take the time to visit the site and ask your prospective landlord the questions listed below. READ MORE >>

Owning a home requires the need to purchase good home insurance to protect it. The type of insurance that you need depends on how you want to be protected and which damages you want to be covered. It could also depend on the home itself, the structure, its age, its location, etc. READ MORE >>

If you are renting a house or an apartment, renters insurance could be one of the best investments you will ever make. It is important for renters to know what renters insurance covers in order to ensure that their possessions are protected from loss, theft, or damage. READ MORE >>

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