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Term life insurance is one of the most important (and affordable) forms of insurance, but unfortunately, it is often misunderstood by many. Most people buy term life insurance to replace income that would be lost if a wage earner passed away. READ MORE >>

Experts recommends the best time to purchase a life insurance policy is when you’re young. However, the life insurance you purchased at 25 is not the same policy you need at 45. Updating your life insurance policy to accommodate lifestyle changes is important to ensure your life insurance is adequate at every stage of life. READ MORE >>

The two main types of life insurance: whole and universal. There are several significant differences between the two and understanding both the advantages and disadvantages of both is essential in making an educated decision. Universal Life Insurance READ MORE >>

Losing your keys is a frustrating experience. Losing your cell phone may invoke panic, but losing a life insurance can be a major problem. For some, it may be confusing to understand how a policy can actually be “lost,” but this occurs more often than you may realize and causes problems for beneficiaries in need. READ MORE >>

Term life insurance is a necessary policy to be sure your family and loved ones are taken care of if you pass away. Obtaining a policy is significantly easier and cheaper the younger and more healthy you are. For a healthy male in his twenties, a term life insurance could be just a couple hundred bucks a year. READ MORE >>

Evaluating your life insurance needs doesn’t end when you sign on the dotted line for your first policy. As your responsibilities change, so should your policy. There are several questions you should ask yourself periodically to be sure you have adequate coverage for your loved ones. READ MORE >>

Chances are, you are worth more than you think. For those who carry a life insurance policy, there’s a good chance it’s not enough. For many people, they are surprised how little insurance coverage they have when they review their policy. READ MORE >>

Filing a life insurance claim can be an emotional and upsetting process. For those faced with filing a claim, they are also faced with the loss of a loved one. In the midst of funeral arrangements, burial expenses, and grief, the last thing that mourners want is a lot of paperwork. READ MORE >>

Holiday lights, jingle bells, holly berries, and tinsel on trees are just a few of the signs of the Christmas season. Decorating homes and businesses is one of the most common ways that we all enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately, these same decorations are a major cause of fires during the holidays. READ MORE >>

For many, Thanksgiving means three things: family, pumpkin pie, and a deep fried turkey. The growing Thanksgiving trend of preparing deep fried turkey is expanding far beyond the South into homes across the country. A deep fried turkey may provide a taste that is unmatched to traditional turkey methods, but the actual frying can be extremely dangerous. READ MORE >>

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