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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: myths

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There’s an incredibly vast amount of misinformation about tornadoes out there. While most myths have already been debunked long ago, several still spread as if they were true. Several casualties could have been prevented, were it not for this irresponsible practice. READ MORE >>

Many people prefer to put life insurance on the back burner because they don’t want to think about death and dying. Because of this, life insurance is one of the most misunderstood policies in the insurance world. While it might not be enjoyable to consider the possibility of an untimely death, it is irresponsible not to plan for it. READ MORE >>

It's hard to even remember the times before there was an Internet. It was a struggle, a great frustration, for people to even think about starting their own business before the web ever existed. Everything was turned upside down for small-time entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners when the online business industry finally flourished. READ MORE >>

Every year, a great number of home insurance claims related to water damage are rejected. If you are having trouble understanding to what extent your insurance covers water damage, this is a good guideline: most of the time the damage caused to the home by the actual water is insured by most policies. READ MORE >>

Fact: Car crashes are a major cause of teen deaths. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, teenagers are four times more prone to car crashes than are older drivers. With this troubling statistic in mind, is there anything else teens and parents need to keep in mind aside fro... READ MORE >>

Floods are one of the most common of natural disasters that happen several times each year. They are one of the main causes of infrastructure damage around the world, a lot more common than any other natural disaster that may hit a populated area. This is why it is absolutely necessary for you to have insurance that also covers damage due to flooding. READ MORE >>

Auto insurance myths are quite common in this day and age. We'll look at four of the most common myths that surround car insurance and what the truth actually is. Some of these things may surprise you, but take heart because at least now you'll know the truth and won't be put in jeopardy in the future because of a lack of knowledge. READ MORE >>

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