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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: 10_2011

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A condominium and a house are two different types of dwellings that need different types of insurance. When you insure a house, the building and your other possessions on the property are covered by your home insurance policy. In condo insurance, you only insure the possessions inside your home, like your appliances, interior decor, and other items. READ MORE >>

You buy books online, shoes online and even order your baby’s cute photos online, so why not buy your auto insurance online, too? More and more insurance companies are using the internet to reach customers but what are you missing when you bypass your local insurance agent? READ MORE >>

If you thought that hunting for the perfect home in Kentucky was difficult, then you may be surprised at how difficult shopping for home insurance can be as well. Many first-time buyers end up buying either something more or less than what they need, but you can easily avoid such rookie mistakes with the tips below. READ MORE >>

Packing, moving and relocation means countless decisions, increased stress level and the inevitable frustrations. Along with unloading boxes, and forwarding your mail, updating your auto insurance policy should be at the top of your to-do list.   READ MORE >>

To succeed in business, you need to know how to gamble and take risks. But there are certain aspects of your business that must not be left to chances. Choosing the right commercial auto insurance is one of them. One of the many requirements of starting a business is to have your own means of transportation to save on overhead costs. READ MORE >>

What we pay for our life insurance policies is in great part dependent upon factors such as your age, your habits and your health. If you’re a smoking, drinking trick pilot, forget about it. Insurance will cost you dearly. But eight ways that most of us can do to save a little money when insuring ourselves. READ MORE >>

Even if you have managed to hire the best moving company, accidents can still strike anytime. Your precious possessions may obtain damage during transit and even when you think they’re in good hands, safety is not always one hundred percent guaranteed. READ MORE >>

We have been driving most of our lives and while we may have a spotless record, as we age, our physical strength, coordination and reaction times are changing and our mental abilities can become impaired. All of these aging signs affect our driving skills. READ MORE >>

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