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Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. Blog: weather

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Although it's only February, this year has already been a record setting year for temperatures in the East. Much of the country has experienced temperatures well below normal, periods of freezing rain, mountains of snow and Mother Nature continues to bring harsh conditions to nearly every state. READ MORE >>

The September flooding this year in Colorado damaged or destroyed 2000 homes across the Front Range area. Covering nearly 2,000 square miles, the waters came in a hurry and washed out hundreds of miles of roads. According to experts, the chance of this type of flooding is around 1%, or once every 100 years. READ MORE >>

Lightning is one of the oldest forms of destruction in the earth’s history. Over time, lightning has carried several myths regarding its form and purpose. The Romans believed that the king of the gods used lightning to punish wrongdoers and change the outcome of wars. READ MORE >>

There’s an incredibly vast amount of misinformation about tornadoes out there. While most myths have already been debunked long ago, several still spread as if they were true. Several casualties could have been prevented, were it not for this irresponsible practice. READ MORE >>

Hail can happen anywhere; it is not specific to coastal areas, mountain regions, or the high plains. Any area that experiences thunderstorms can experience hail. When it comes, hail can vary in size from soft pea-size balls to ice chunks the size of a golf ball. READ MORE >>

There are approximately 1000 tornados reported nationwide each year in the United States. A tornado is a violent rotating column of air extending out from a thunderstorm that comes in contact with the ground in a fierce winding tunnel. READ MORE >>

When hurricanes, wildfires, winter storms, or floods fill the evening news, it is a crucial time to review your homeowners insurance policy. After disaster strikes isn't the time to wonder if you have enough coverage. Regardless of the type of home you have, or the area you live in, there is always the chance of a natural disaster destroying your home. READ MORE >>

When a storm blows through and rips apart your home, the only thing you’re focused on is repairing the damage and getting life back to normal. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who prey on this mentality and may be heading to your area. READ MORE >>

Rain, Rain, go away. Come again another day. Raindrops can cause a migraine when you discover your home filling with water. Generally, your homeowners insurance won’t cover flood damage, but it would cover water damage. READ MORE >>

In addition to pulling out the cozy blankets, getting your flu shot and turning on the furnace, there are multiple projects you can do to prepare your home for the winter from the inside out. Unless you live in Hawaii, (which is the only state that has never dipped below zero), it’s probably a good idea to give your house a winter check-up. READ MORE >>

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